32 MOTIF Basic Structure
Basic Structure
Utility mode
Basic Operation (page 67) · Reference (page 249)
This mode is a sub-mode of the Voice/Performance/
Song/Pattern mode. Press the [UTILITY] button in
each mode to enter the Sampling mode and press the
same button after sampling to go back to the previous
In this mode, you can set parameters that apply to the
entire system of the MOTIF. These include MIDI
settings and global setup parameters.
Utility Job mode
In this Mode, you can restore the MOTIF’s factory
Master mode
Basic Structure (page 56) · Basic Operation (page 68)
Quick Start Guide (page 93) · Reference (page 268)
This mode gives you a convenient way to register the
settings that are often used in the Voice, Performance,
Song and Pattern mode to User Master, and to instantly
recall them with simple operations.
For the Voice or Performance mode, you can make
additional Master Keyboard function settings (e.g.,
separate Zone settings), and register them to a User
Master Play mode
In this mode, you can select the desired User Master
to play the MOTIF.
Master Edit mode
In this mode, you can edit the Master settings.
Master Job mode
In this mode, various jobs for Master settings are
Master Store mode
In this mode, you can store settings for each mode
to the internal memory as a User Master.
File mode
Basic Structure (page 63) · Basic Operation (page 68)
Quick Start Guide (page 97) · Reference (page 261)
In this mode, you can save/load all your important
original data to/from Memory Card (the MOTIF
features a built-in Card slot) or an external SCSI
storage device for future recall.
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