MOTIF Basic Structure
System Overview
Basic Structure
System Overview
This section provides an overview of the MOTIF’s wide range of sophisticated and versatile features. The MOTIF is
made up of several blocks, as shown here.
Controller block
Basic Structure (pages 37, 48)
This block consists of the keyboard, Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels, Ribbon Controller, Sound Control knobs,
and so on. The keyboard itself doesn’t generate sounds, but instead sends note, velocity and other information (MIDI
data) to the synthesizer’s tone generator section when you play notes. The controllers also send changes.
Information from the keyboard and controllers can be transmitted to other external MIDI devices through the MIDI
OUT connector or the USB connector.
Sequencer block
Basic Structure (page 51) · Quick Start Guide (pages 99 ~ 118) · Reference (pages 177, 215)
This block lets you create songs and patterns by recording/editing musical performances (MIDI data) recorded from
the controller block, and then plays back this data, transmitting it to the tone generator block.
The sequencer block can be operated in the Song mode, in the Pattern mode, and in using the Arpeggio feature.
When a song or a pattern is played back, the musical data of each sequence track is transmitted to the tone generator
block according to the Transmit Channel settings.
nDetails about track structure of a Song/Pattern/Arpeggio are described on pages 51 and 52 respectively.
Sampling block
Keyboard Controllers
MIDI sequence data
• Song
• Pattern
• Arpeggio
• Voice
• Performance • Reverb
• Chorus
• Variation
• Master Equalizer
Microphone or
audio equipment A/D Input
Internal AWM2
Plug-in board
MIDI data
MIDI out
MIDI data MIDI data MIDI data
Controller block
External MIDI device
Sequencer block
Effect block
Tone Generator block
KN 1 KN 2 KN 3 KN 4
Sequencer Tone Generator block
part 1
(Receive channel 3)
(Receive channel 2)
(Receive channel 10)
(Receive channel 1)
(Receive channel 9)
(Receive channel 16)
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 15
part 16
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 16
Piano Ch1
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