34 MOTIF Basic Structure
System Overview
Basic Structure
Tone Generator block
The tone generator block is what actually produces sound in response to the MIDI messages received from the
sequencer block, the controller block, and from the MIDI IN connector or the USB connector.
The following example illustrates the signal flow within a Voice.
nFor details on the Voice structure, see page 40.
Internal AWM2 Tone Generator and optional Plug-in board
The tone generator block in the MOTIF consists of the built-in AWM2 and optional Plug-in units.
AWM2(Advanced Wave Memory2)
AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2) is a synthesis system based on sampled waves (sound material), and is used in
many Yamaha synthesizers. For extra realism, each AWM2 Voice uses multiple samples of a real instrument’s
waveform. Furthermore, a wide variety of envelope generator, filter, modulation, and other parameters can be
applied to the basic waveform.
You can create your own waves via microphone or from external audio equipment by using the Sampling function.
These are then stored in internal RAM and can be used just like the preseet waves.
One voice can use up to four waves (elements) in AWM2 tone generator.
nAWM2 is not just limited to general musical instruments (Normal Voices). It can also be used for setting up percussive
instruments (Drum Voices). For details on Normal and Drum Voices, see page 45.
Plug-in board
Plug-in Boards give you an enormous amount of additional sonic flexibility and power. When installed, they work
seamlessly and transparently within the system of the MOTIF — meaning that you can use their sounds and
functions just as if they were built right into the MOTIF at the factory.
The boards that are available for and can be installed to the MOTIF are described below.
Up to three Plug-in boards can be installed to the MOTIF. These boards are not simply a source of more Voices; they
are also tone generators in their own right and extend the system-level specifications such as maximum polyphony.
In addition, they allow you to use synthesis systems besides AWM2. You can play Plug-in Voices just like ordinary
internal Voices and use them as Parts in a Performance (page 42).
The MOTIF is compatible with the Modular Synthesis Plug-in System (see next page). There are three types of
Modular Synthesis Plug-in System-compatible Plug-in Boards: Single Part, Multi-Part and Effect Plug-in Board. Using
these, you can build your own system based on the sounds you require.
See page 46 See page 47 See page 47
See page 45
Pitch Envelope
Filter Envelope
Low Frequency
Amplitude Envelope
Filter Amplitude
Element 1
Element 2
Element 3
Element 4
Internal AWM2
Tone Generator
Plug-in board (optional)
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