MOTIF Basic Structure
System Overview
Basic Structure
Plug-in board line-up
Single Part Plug-in Boards
Single Part Plug-in Boards let you add a completely different synthesizer or tone generator and play its voices by
using a single part of the MOTIF.
Analog Physical Modeling Plug-in Board (PLG150-AN)
Using Analog Physical Modeling (AN) synthesis, the very latest digital technology is used to accurately reproduce
the sound of analog synthesizers. With this board installed, you have real-time control over the playback of
vintage synthesizer sounds as well as the very latest sounds heard in today’s club-oriented music.
Piano Plug-in Board (PLG150-PF)
A massive waveform memory is dedicated to the reproduction of piano sounds. This board offers 136 stereo
sounds, including a number of acoustic and electric pianos, and up to 64-note polyphony. You can even install two
of these boards to double the polyphony to 128 notes.
•Advanced DX/TX Plug-in Board (PLG150-DX)
The sounds of the DX7 are available on this Plug-in Board. Unlike PCM-based tone generators, this board uses the
powerful FM Synthesis system — the same as found on DX-series synthesizers — for extraordinarily versatile
and dynamic sound shaping potential. Sounds are compatible with those of the DX7, and the board can even
receive DX7 data via MIDI bulk dump.
Virtual Acoustic Plug-in Board (PLG150-VL)
With Virtual Acoustic (VA) synthesis, the sounds of real instruments are modeled (simulated) in real time, giving
a degree of realism that cannot be achieved using conventional PCM-based synthesis techniques. When playing
these sounds using an optional MIDI Wind Controller (WX5), you can even capture some of the physical feel of
woodwind instruments.
Effect Plug-in Board
•Vocal Harmony Plug-in Board (PLG100-VH)
With this board installed, you can add harmonies to selected parts using four types of effects.
Chorus parts for vocals can be created automatically from chords that have been prepared and stored as MIDI
data. You can also use the MOTIF like a vocoder by connecting and using a microphone while playing the
Multi-Part Plug-in Board
Multi-Part Plug-in Boards let you expand the voice polyphony of the MOTIF by giving you a full 16 independent
instrumental parts. By using this type of board to play back sequencer tracks, you can reserve the maximum
polyphony of the MOTIF for your keyboard performance.
XG Plug-in Board (PLG100-XG)
This Plug-in Board is a 16-part XG sound generator. You can play back XG/GM song files using the rich variety of
sounds and effects on this board.
nAdditional Plug-in Boards will be available in the future.
The Yamaha Modular Synthesis Plug-in System offers powerful expansion and upgrade capabilities for Modular
Synthesis-Plug-in-compatible synthesizers, tone generators and sound cards. This enables you to easily and effectively
take advantage of the latest and most sophisticated synthesizer and effects technology, allowing you to keep pace with
the rapid and multi-faceted advances in modern music production.
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