MOTIF Basic Structure
System Overview
Basic Structure
Effect block
This block of the MOTIF applies effects to the output of the tone generator, processing and enhancing the sound
using sophisticated DSP (digital signal processing) technology.
Effect structure
The MOTIF’s effect processing features the following effect units.
System Effects (Reverb, Chorus, Variation)
System Effects are applied to the overall sound, whether it be a voice, an entire performance setup, a song, etc.
With System effects, the sound of each part is sent to the effect according to the effect Send Level for each part. The
processed sound (referred to as “wet”) is sent back to the mixer, according to the Return Level, and output — after
being mixed with the unprocessed “dry” sound. This arrangement lets you prepare an optimum balance of the effect
sound and the original sound of the parts.
The Reverb effects add a warm ambience to the sound, simulating the complex reflections of actual performance
spaces, such as a concert hall or a small club. A total of 12 different Reverb types are available.
The Chorus effects use modulation to create a rich ensemble sound — as if one part were being played by several
instruments simultaneously. A total of 25 different Chorus types are available.
The Variation effects provide a wide variety of sound transformations and enhancements. A total of 25 different
Variation types are available. Variation is not available in the Voice mode.
Insertion Effects (1, 2)
Insertion effects can be applied individually to each part.
Insertion effects are mainly used to directly process a single part. The depth of the effect is adjusted by setting the
dry/wet balance. Since an Insertion effect can only be applied to one particular part, it should be used for sounds you
want to drastically change. You can also set the balance so that only the effect sound is heard, by setting Wet to
100%.The MOTIF features two Insertion effect systems — one with a total of 104 internal effect types and the other
with 25.
Plug-in Insertion Effects
This is a special effect system, only available when an effect-type Plug-in Board is installed. Plug-in Board effects are
not available in the Voice mode.
Master Equalizer
Usually an equalizer is used to correct the sound output from amps or speakers to match the special character of the
room. The sound is divided into several frequency bands, then by raising or lowering the level for each band, the
correction is made.
Adjusting the sound you play according to the genre—classical music being more refined, pops music more crisp, and
rock music more dynamic—can also serve to draw out the special characteristics of the music and make your
performance more enjoyable.
The MOTIF possesses a high grade five-band digital equalizer function.
The four knobs can be used to adjust the gain of the four bands (among five).
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