MOTIF Basic Structure
Main functions
Basic Structure
Normal Voice and Drum Voice
Internally, there are two Voice Types: Normal Voices
and Drum Voices. Normal Voices are mainly pitched
musical instrument-type sounds that can be played
over the range of the keyboard. Drum Voices are
mainly percussion/drum sounds that are assigned to
individual notes on the keyboard. A collection of
assigned percussion/drum wave or Normal Voice is
known as a Drum Kit.
GM voice
GM is a worldwide standard for Voice organization and
MIDI functions of synthesizers and tone generators. It
was designed primarily to ensure that any song data
created with a specific GM device would sound
virtually the same on any other GM device — no
matter the manufacturer or the model. The GM Voice
bank on the MOTIF is designed to appropriately play
back GM song data. However, keep in mind that the
sound may not be exactly the same as played by the
original tone generator.
Voice structure
One voice consists of Oscillator, Pitch, Filter,
Amplitude, LFO and various parameters as shown
on page 42. You can create the basic voice character by
setting these four parameters.
Reference (page 137)
This unit outputs the wave of each Element.
You can set the note range for each Element (the range
of notes on the keyboard over which the Element will
sound) as well as the velocity response (the range of
note velocities within which the Element will sound).
For example, you could set one Element to sound in an
upper range of the keyboard, and another Element to
sound in a lower range. Thus, even within the same
Voice, you can have two different sounds for different
areas of the keyboard or you can make the two Element
ranges overlap so that their sounds are layered over a
set range.
Furthermore, you can set each Element to respond to
different velocity ranges so that one Element sounds
for lower note velocities, whereas another Element
sounds for higher note velocities.
Drum Voice
Key 1 Key 2Key 3Key 4 Key 5 Key 76
Normal Voice
Element 1~4
Element 1
Element 4
Element 2
Element 3
Note Range
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