54 MOTIF Basic Structure
Main functions
Basic Structure
Punch In/Out (Song)
You can use this method when you want to re-record
only over a specific area of the track. In this case, you
must set the start and end points before you begin the
In the eight-measure example below, the third
measures through the fifth measure are re-recorded.
nPunch In/Out Recording can only be used with Realtime
nNote that Punch In/Out method always replaces
(destroys) the original data over the specified area.
Sample track recording method
See page 58.
Song Chain
This function allows songs to be “chained” together for
automatic sequential playback. The MOTIF allows you
to create one Song Chain data.
Pattern Chain
Pattern Chain allows you to string several different
Patterns together to make a single Song. You can have
the MOTIF automatically change Styles and Sections
by creating Pattern Chains in this way beforehand.
You can also use them when creating Songs based on a
certain Pattern, since the created Pattern Chains can be
converted into a Song. The MOTIF allows you to
create one Pattern Chain data.
Before re-recording
After re-recording
Punch In Punch out
Recording start
Newly recorded data
Recording stop
34567 8
1234567 8
Song 01 Song 22 Song 15
Pattern track Style/Section change
Track mute setting
Tempo change
Scene track
Tempo track
Style 01
Section J
Pattern Chain
Style 05
Section H
Style 26
Section P
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