56 MOTIF Basic Structure
Main functions
Basic Structure
Creating User Arpeggios
Actually, there is no direct operation for recording
Arpeggios. First, you have to record a Phrase to a Song
track. Then, use the appropriate Song Job function to
convert the data to Arpeggio data.
nArpeggio data consists of four tracks. However, data
conversion in the Song Job is done one track at a time.
Master (Master mode)
Quick Start Guide (page 93) · Reference (page 268)
The MOTIF is loaded with such a wealth of different features,
functions and operations, you may find it difficult to locate
and call up the particular feature you need.This is where the
Master function comes in handy. You can use it to memorize
the operations you use most often in each mode, and call them
up instantly anytime you need them with a single button
press. The MOTIF has space for a total of 128 of your own
User Master settings.
•Zone(*) is available only when you specify “Voice” or “Performance” in the Memory
display in the Master Play mode and store the settings to a User Master. Details are
described later.
•Parameters other than those shown above (e.g., Knob/Slider settings) can be
stored. See page 273 for details.
Keep in mind that the settings you can store to a User
Master in the Voice/Performance mode differ from
those you can store in the Song/Pattern mode. Here
are the main differences:
Storing settings in the Song/Pattern mode
In general, you can store specific Song numbers in the
Song mode, Pattern numbers in the Pattern mode.
nOperations and settings in File mode, Utility mode
and Sampling mode cannot be stored to a User
Storing settings in the Voice/Performance
In addition to specific Voice or Performance numbers,
you can also store master keyboard functions — such
as the Zone settings, in which the MOTIF keyboard is
divided into up to four different Zones.
Converted via
the Song Job.
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 16
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Master number Setting examples
Master 001 Voice mode Voice number 102
Master 002 Voice mode Voice number 88
Master 003 Performance mode Performance number 043 *Zone Switch Off
Master 004 Performance mode Performance number 059 *Zone Switch Off
Master 005
Performance mode Performance number 077 *Zone Switch On
Master 006
Performance mode Performance number 093 *Zone Switch On
Master 007 Song mode Song 018
Master 008 Song mode Song 008
Master 009 Pattern mode Pattern 014
Master 010 Pattern mode Pattern 029
Master 128 Song mode Song 035
MIDI ch1 MIDI ch2 MIDI ch3 MIDI ch4
Tone Generator block
MIDI ch8 MIDI ch9
Tone Generator block
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