MOTIF Introduction
Important Features
Wide range of
dynamic and authentic voices
— over
512 in total, with 49 drum kits. Use the
function to quickly call up the sounds you
want, based on their instrument type.
Performance mode
lets you use four different voices
together — in layers or in a keyboard split.
Integrated Sampling Sequencer
— seamlessly
combines audio and MIDI recording.
* Full
Sample recording and editing
features, with
4MB of memory (expandable to 64MB).
* Wide
data compatibility
lets you load AIFF and WAV
files, as well as samples and program/voice data from
other samplers.
* Convenient
function lets you sample the
sound of the MOTIF itself directly. Play your own
melodies, riffs and rhythms — and use them as samples.
* Unique
Slice feature
automatically chops up your
rhythms and riffs into their individual beats and notes.
This lets you manipulate the component parts of your
sample loops as MIDI data — and gives you the power
to easily change tempo and even the rhythmic feel,
without disturbing the pitch or sound quality.
* Using the
Song mode
, record your music to the
in conventional linear fashion, from
beginning to end. Or use the
phrase-based functions
to assemble rhythms and patterns — “playing” your
arrangements in real time.
effect processing
, with Reverb (12 types),
Chorus (25 types), two separate Insertion sections
(total 104 types), a Variation section (25 types), and a
Master 5-band EQ.
real-time control with four knobs
and four sliders
— letting you adjust filter, levels,
effects, EG, and more, while you play.
Pattern mode
functions let you craft different
rhythmic sections and riffs as individual elements —
which you can easily and intuitively combine in real
time to create full rhythm tracks.
The built-in
feature not only puts a wealth of
hip rhythmic sequences at your fingertips, it even has
special “human” patterns — such as guitar strumming
and woodwind trills.
Once you’ve collected all the audio samples, loops,
MIDI data, and patterns you need for your song, use
Pattern Chain
to arrange the pieces in real time. This
hands-on approach makes it easier than ever to come
up with great ideas and amazing songs.
Song Scene
is another powerful tool that lets you take
“snapshots” of the sequencer track settings (such as
pan, volume, and others). Then, during playback or
recording, simply switch among the Scenes for instant,
dynamic changes.
Master mode
for using the MOTIF as a master
keyboard controller (with independent Zones), and for
easily reconfiguring the instrument between Voice/
Performance play and Song/Pattern play in live
easy-to-understand interface
two-tiered operation buttons: [F1] - [F6] and [SF1] -
Remote Control
— for operating your favorite
sequencing software from the panel controls of the
MOTIF. Mute tracks, control transport (Play, Stop,
Record, etc.), mix both MIDI and audio tracks (up to
16) with the MOTIF’s knobs and sliders, pan the
tracks, control EQ, and tweak effect sends — all
without ever touching the mouse.
Modular Synthesis Plug-in System slots let
you upgrade the MOTIF with a completely new
synthesizer or sound-processing engine. These Plug-in
boards give you more voices, more effects, more
polyphony and more instrument parts. Plus, special
Plug-in voices have already been programmed and
stored to the MOTIF, ready to be played as soon as you
install the proper board.
Comprehensive I/O terminals — including
assignable outputs, audio inputs, optical digital output,
MIDI, USB for multi-port connection to a computer,
SmartMedia card slot and SCSI terminal for data
storage. There’s even an expansion bay for installing
the optional AIEB board for additional ins and outs —
both analog and digital.
Expansion bay for optional mLAN — Yamaha’s new
mLAN interface technology makes it possible to
transfer all your digital audio and MIDI data via a
single broad-band cable.
Included software — Packed with your MOTIF are
two powerful software programs: Voice Editor and
File Utility. The Voice Editor puts all the
comprehensive editing features and parameters of the
instrument right on your computer screen for easy
editing. With File Utility, you can access and organize
all your important MOTIF data (stored to Memory
card or SCSI device) directly from the computer.
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