82 MOTIF Quick Start Guide
Playing Voices
Quick Start Guide
Keyboard Octave (MOTIF6/MOTIF7)
Sometimes when playing a voice, you may wish to play in a lower or higher pitch range. For example, you may want
to shift the pitch down lower to get extra bass notes, or shift up to get higher notes for leads and solos. The Octave
Up/Down controls let you do this quickly and easily.
Each time you press the [OCTAVE UP] button on the panel, the overall pitch of the voice goes up by one octave.
Likewise, each press of the [OCTAVE DOWN] button takes the pitch down by one octave. The range is from -3 to
+3, with 0 being standard pitch. When this is set to Octave Up, the lamp of the [OCTAVE UP] button lights, and
when it is set to Octave Down, the [OCTAVE DOWN] button’s lamp lights. The current octave setting is shown at
the top right of the display. You can instantly restore standard pitch (0) by simultaneously pressing both the
[OCTAVE UP] button and the [OCTAVE DOWN] button (both lamps turn off).
nOctave Up/Down works in conjuction with with the TUNE setting (in Voice Edit, page 138) and the Note Shift setting (in Utility
Mode, page 250). This means that if the the pitch has already been shifted up or down with those settings, you may not be able to
use Octave Up/Down to shift the full three octaves.
nIf using Octave Up/Down results in pitches outside the note range of the voice (C-2 - G8), the invalid pitches are sounded at the
previous octave (down or up).
nThis function can be used also in the Performance mode or Master mode.
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