MOTIF Quick Start Guide
Sampling with Song Playback (Integrated Sampling Sequencer)
Quick Start Guide
Sampling with Song Playback (Integrated Sampling
In this section, we’ll delve into one of the most important and powerful features of the MOTIF — the Integrated
Sampling Sequencer.
Today’s digital music producers and artists use a mutlitude of advanced tools to get the job done — including MIDI,
sampling, audio editing and much more. Cutting and pasting beats, loops and patterns together is an integral part of
the music making process. The MOTIF lets you work in the same way, fully integrating sampling with MIDI
sequencing — making it easier than ever before to produce great tracks.
Below is a summary of the steps you’ll take as you create a new song.
Creating Rhythm track
1 Sampling to a Pattern Track
2Recording MIDI data to a Pattern Track
3 Assigning a Preset Phrase to a Pattern Track (Patch function)
4 Using the Groove function
5Pattern Mixing
6Creating the Pattern Chain
Creating a Song
7 Copy the Pattern Chain data to the Song
8 MIDI recording to Song Tracks
9 Sampling to Song Track
10 Song Track Mute and Scene
11 Song Mixing and storing the settings as a template
12 Saving and Exporting the recorded song to external PC (File Utility)
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