Top panel with LEDs
The four status LEDs are located on the top panel of the access point/router. From left
to right, the top panel contains the Power LED, Internet LED, WiFi LED, and USB LED.
Figure 1. Top panel with LEDs
Table 1. LED descriptions
Solid green. The access point/router is ready.
Solid green temporarily, blinking green temporarily, and finally solid green. The
access point/router is starting or was reset to factory default settings and is restarting.
For more information about resetting the access point/router to factory default settings,
see Return the access point/router to its factory default settings on page 138.
Blinking green. The access point/router is starting or upgrading firmware. If the Power
LED is blinking green at any other time, see Power LED stays blinking green on page
Off. Power is not supplied to the access point/router.
Solid green or blinking green. An Internet connection is established.
Off. No Internet connection is established. For more information, see Access point
mode: Internet LED is off on page 244 (access point mode is the default system mode)
or Router mode: Internet LED is off on page 244.
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