Maintain and Monitor the Access
This chapter describes how you can maintain the access point/router by managing the
firmware, configuration file, and logs and by setting up the traffic meter. The chapter
also describes how you can monitor the access point/router and its network traffic.
The chapter includes the following sections:
Update the firmware of the access point/router
Manage the configuration file of the access point/router
Recover the local login admin password
Return the access point/router to its factory default settings
Manage the time settings
Manage the activity log
View the status and statistics of the access point/router
Router mode: Monitor and meter Internet traffic
Router mode: Manage and use remote access
Change the system mode to router mode or back to access point mode
Disable LED blinking or turn off LEDs
For information about changing the admin password for local login to the access
point/router password and setting up password recovery, see the following sections in
another chapter:
Change the local login admin password on page 32
Set up password recovery for the local login admin user name on page 33
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