Viewed from left to right, the back panel contains the following components:
USB 2.0 port. One USB 2.0 port to connect a storage device or printer to the access
LAN ports 4 through 1. Four Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 LAN ports numbered LAN4
through LAN1 to connect the access point/router to Ethernet devices such as a
computer and a switch.
Internet port. One Internet (WAN) port to connect the access point/router to a
router, network switch, or network hub in your network (see Connect the access
point/router to your existing router and log in for the first time on page 17). This
port must provide the Internet connection to the access point/router.
If you want to use the access point/router in router mode, do not connect this port
to an Internet modem until after you complete the initial log-in process (see Use the
access point/router in router mode on page 23).
WPS button. Press the WPS button to join the access point/router’s WiFi network
without typing the WiFi password. For more information, see Use WPS to add a
device to the WiFi network on page 70.
Reset button. Press the Reset button to reset the access point/router to factory
default settings. For more information, see Use the Reset button on page 138.
Power On/Off button. Press the Power On/Off button to provide power to the
access point/router.
DC power connector. Connect the power adapter that came in the product package
to the DC power connector.
Position the antennas for best WiFi
You can swivel the three access point/router antennas in any direction. For best WiFi
performance, we recommend that you experiment with various antenna positions. For
example, you could position the center antenna vertically and aim the other two antennas
outward at 45-degree angles.
Access point/router label
The access point/router label on the bottom panel of the access point/router shows the
default login information, default WiFi network name (SSID), default WiFi passphrase,
serial number and MAC address of the access point/router, and other information.
User Manual14Hardware Overview of the
Access Point/Router
AC2000 802.11ac Wireless Access Point/Router WAC124
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