The Sign-In page displays. You are prompted to sign in with your NETGEAR account.
If the access point/router is not connected to the Internet, you are prompted to sign
in with the local login credentials (see Log in to the access point/router when it is
not connected to the Internet on page 28).
3. Click the Login button.
The NETGEAR Account Login page displays.
4. Enter your registered email address and password and click the LOG IN button.
The BASIC Home page displays.
5. Select ADVANCED > Advanced Setup > USB Settings.
The USB Settings page displays.
By default, the Yes radio button is selected. This setting lets you connect and access
all your USB devices sequentially.
6. Select the No radio button.
7. Click the Approved Devices button.
The USB Drive Approved Devices page displays.
8. In the Available USB Devices table, select the device that you want to approve.
9. Click the Add button.
The USB device is added to the Approved USB Devices table.
10. Select the Allow only approved devices check box.
11. Click the Apply button.
Your settings are saved.
12. To approve another USB storage device, first click the Safely Remove USB Device
button for the currently connected USB storage device, and remove that device.
For more information, see Safely remove a USB storage device on page 182.
Then, connect the other USB storage device, and repeat this procedure.
Safely remove a USB storage device
Before you physically disconnect a USB storage device from the access point/router
USB port, log in to the access point/router and take the USB storage device offline.
User Manual182Share a USB Storage Device
Attached to the Access
AC2000 802.11ac Wireless Access Point/Router WAC124
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