Router Mode: Manage Dynamic
DNS and FTP Access Through the
If the access point/router is in router mode, with Dynamic DNS (DDNS), you can use the
Internet and a domain name to access a USB storage device that is attached to a USB
port on the access point/router when you are not in your office or home. If you know
the IP address of the access point/router (and the IP address did not change), you can
also access the USB storage device by using the IP address. If you use OpenVPN software
to set up VPN tunnels, the access point/router requires an account with a Dynamic DNS
This chapter contains the following sections:
Router mode: Set up and manage Dynamic DNS
Router mode: Use DDNS with FTP to access your network
For information about how to connect a USB device and specify its settings, see Share
a USB Storage Device Attached to the Access Point/Router on page 166.
For information about how to use DDNS to set up a VPN tunnel, see Router Mode: Set
up VPN Connections with OpenVPN on page 199.
Note: The information in this chapter does not apply if the access point/router is in
access point mode.
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