You do not yet own a free MyNETGEAR account. Do the following:
a. Click the Create button.
The Create NETGEAR Account page displays.
b. Set up a new account.
c. Log in with your MyNETGEAR registered email address and password.
Note: If the NETGEAR Account Login page or Create NETGEAR Account page does
not display, if you cannot sign in to your existing MyNETGEAR account or create a
new MyNETGEAR account, or if you encounter any other problem that prevents you
from completing the initial log-in process, you first might need to reset the access
point/router to factory default settings and then update the firmware (see Update
the access point/router firmware if you cannot complete the initial log-in process on
page 21. After you do so, if you still encounter problems, see Troubleshoot Internet
browsing on page 251.
After you successfully log in to your MyNETGEAR account, the access point/router
is registered with NETGEAR.
The BASIC Home page of the access point/router displays. You can now change the
settings of the access point/router.
If new firmware is available, the BASIC Home page displays the ! A new firmware
update available, Click here to get it. button. For information about how to update
the firmware, see Step 9.
8. Whether or not new firmware is available, do the following:
a. Select ADVANCED.
The ADVANCED Home page of the access point/router displays. The LAN Port
pane shows the IP address that is now assigned to the access point/router.
b. Write down the LAN IP address of the access point/router for later use.
You must use this IP address if you plan to connect to the same network as the
access point/router but not directly to the access point/router network. If you are
directly connected to the access point/router network, you can use
9. If new firmware is available, do the following to update the firmware:
a. Select BASIC.
The BASIC Home page displays again.
b. Click the ! A new firmware upgrade is available. Click here to get it. button.
The access point/router finds the new firmware information and displays a
message asking if you want to download and install it.
User Manual20Install and Access the Access
Point/Router in Your Network
AC2000 802.11ac Wireless Access Point/Router WAC124
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