Router mode: Set up an OpenVPN
The type of virtual private network (VPN) access in which remote users access a protected
network is called a client-to-gateway tunnel. The computer is the client, and the access
point/router is the gateway. To enable users to access the access point/router over a
VPN connection, you must enable and configure OpenVPN service on the access
point/router. Remote users must install and run OpenVPN client software on their
computer or mobile device.
OpenVPN requires a static IP address or DDNS service on the access point/router to
enable a remote client such as a computer or mobile device to connect with the access
point/router. (If the access point/router uses a static WAN IP address that never changes,
OpenVPN can use that IP address to connect to the network over a VPN connection.)
If the access point/router does not use a static WAN IP address, you can use a DDNS
service for the access point/router and register for an account with a host name (also
referred to as a domain name). A remote client such as a computer or mobile device
can use that host name to connect with the access point/router and access the network
over a VPN connection. For more information, see Router mode: Set up and manage
Dynamic DNS on page 192.
Router mode: Manage VPN access to your network or
Internet service at your office or home
When you are away from your office or home and you access the Internet, you usually
use a local Internet service provider. For example, at a coffee shop you might be given
a code that lets you use the coffee shop’s Internet service account to surf the web.
The access point/router lets you use a VPN connection to access your own Internet
service when you are away from your office or home. You might want to do this if you
travel to a geographic location that does not support all the Internet services that you
use at your office or home. For example, your Netflix account might work at home but
not in a different country.
For information about the types of VPN client connections that the access point/router
supports, see Router mode: Enable and configure OpenVPN and VPN client access on
the access point/router on page 200. In addition to access to your office or home network,
you can either allow or block VPN client Internet access through your office or home
For the VPN tunnel to work, the LAN where your VPN client computer is connected must
use a different LAN IP address scheme from that of the LAN of the access point/router
at your office or home. If both networks use the same LAN IP address scheme, when
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Connections with OpenVPN
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