Note: If you are not sure what the WAN type of your modem is, contact your ISP before
you start the following procedure.
Figure 5. Connect the access point/router in router mode to your Internet modem
To change to router mode, connect the access point/router directly to an Internet
modem, and log back in to the local browser interface:
1. If you did not do so yet, follow the steps in Connect the access point/router to your
existing router and log in for the first time on page 17.
Note: Only after you complete the initial log-in process in access point mode, can
you change the mode to router mode and connect the access point/router to an
Internet modem.
The BASIC Home page displays.
2. Select ADVANCED > Advanced Setup > Wireless Access Point.
The Wireless Access Point page displays.
3. Clear the Enable Access Point Mode check box.
4. Click the Apply button.
Your settings are saved and the access point/router restarts in router mode.
5. Unplug your Internet modem’s power, leaving the modem connected to the wall
jack for your Internet service.
If the modem uses a battery backup, remove the battery.
6. Disconnect the Ethernet cable that is connected to the yellow Internet port of the
router and connect it directly to your modem.
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Point/Router in Your Network
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