The WiFi LED is solid or blinking green.
If a USB storage device is connected to the USB of the access point/router, the
USB LED is solid green.
You can use the LEDs on the top panel of the access point/router for troubleshooting.
Troubleshoot with the LEDs
You can troubleshoot by checking the LEDs.
Power LED is off
This could occur for a number of reasons. Check the following:
Make sure that you pressed the On/Off power button on the back of the access
Make sure that the power adapter is securely connected to your access point/router
and securely connected to a working power outlet.
Make sure that you are using the power adapter that NETGEAR supplied for this
Power LED stays blinking green
When you turn on the access point/router, the Power LED lights solid green temporarily,
blinks green temporarily, and finally lights solid green.
When the access point/router is upgrading firmware, the Power LED blinks green
temporarily and finally lights solid green.
If the LED stays blinking green or is blinking green at any other time, this indicates a
problem with the access point/router. In that situation, do the following:
Restart the access point/router to see if the access point/router recovers.
If the access point/router does not recover, press and hold the Reset button on the
back to return the access point/router to its factory default settings. For more
information, see Use the Reset button on page 138.
If the error persists, a hardware problem might be the cause. Contact technical support
at netgear.com/support.
User Manual243Diagnostics and
AC2000 802.11ac Wireless Access Point/Router WAC124
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