3. Click the OK button.
You see a message like this one:
Pinging <IP address > with 32 bytes of data
If the path is working, you see this message:
Reply from < IP address >: bytes=32 time=NN ms TTL=xxx
If the path is not working, you see this message:
Request timed out
If the path is not functioning correctly, one of the following problems might be present:
Wrong physical connections
Make sure that the LAN port on your computer is connected to a LAN port on the
access point/router.
If the access point/router and computer are connected through a switch or hub,
make sure that the link LEDs are lit for the switch ports that are connected to your
computer and router.
Wrong network configuration
Verify that the Ethernet card driver software and TCP/IP software are both installed
and configured on your computer.
Verify that the IP addresses and LAN subnet for the access point/router and your
computer are correct. For more information, see Check the DHCP network settings
of your computer or mobile device on page 242.
Router mode: Test the path from your computer to a remote
If the access point/router is in router mode, to test the path from a Windows-based
computer that is connected to the access point/router to a remote device:
1. From the Windows toolbar, click the Start button and select Run.
2. In the Windows Run window, type
ping -n 10 <IP address>
in which <IP address> is the IP address of a remote device such as your ISP DNS
If the path is functioning correctly, messages display that are similar to those shown
in Test the LAN path from your computer to the access point/router on page 253.
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AC2000 802.11ac Wireless Access Point/Router WAC124
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