Note: Make sure the country is set to the location where the device is operating.
You are responsible for complying within the local, regional, and national regulations
set for channels, power levels, and frequency ranges.
Note: It might not be legal to operate the access point/router in a region other than
the regions listed in the menu. If your country or region is not listed, check with your
local government agency.
7. Select the WiFi network (Wireless 1,Wireless 2, or Wireless 3).
8. View, enable, or change the basic WiFi settings and security settings for the selected
WiFi network.
The following table describes the fields for the WiFi network.
Select the Enable radio button to enable the WiFi network, also referred to as a virtual
access point (VAP) or the Disable radio button to disable the WiFi network. By default, the
Wireless 1 network is enabled and the other two WiFi networks are disabled.
Select a radio button for a single band (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) or keep the default selection,
which is the Both radio button, to enable the WiFi network to broadcast on both radio
The SSID (service set identifier) is the WiFi network name. If you do not change the SSID,
the default SSID (NETGEAR-1, NETGEAR-2, or NETGEAR-3) displays. The default SSID is
also printed on the access point/router label (see Access point/router label on page 14).
Note: If you change the SSID, enter a 32-character (maximum), case-sensitive name in this
Name (SSID)
User Manual63Manage the Basic WiFi and
Radio Features
AC2000 802.11ac Wireless Access Point/Router WAC124
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