For four minutes, the access point/router attempts to find the WiFi device (that is,
the client) that you want to join the access point/router’s main WiFi network.
During this time, the WiFi LED on the top panel of the access point/router blinks.
10. Within four minutes, go to the WiFi device and use its WPS software to join the
network without entering a password.
After the access point/router establishes a WPS connection, the WiFi LED lights and
the Add WPS Client page displays a confirmation message.
11. To verify that the WiFi device is connected to the access point/router’s WiFi network,
select BASIC > Attached Devices.
The WiFi device displays on the page.
User Manual73Manage the Basic WiFi and
Radio Features
AC2000 802.11ac Wireless Access Point/Router WAC124
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