due to EXCESSIVE SPEED or un-
dercornering (insufficient lean an-
gle for the speed).
Always obey the speed limit and
never travel faster than warrant-
ed by road and traffic conditions.
Always signal before turning or
changing lanes. Make sure that
other motorists can see you.
The posture of the operator and
passenger is important for proper
The operator should keep both
hands on the handlebar and
both feet on the operator foot-
rests during operation to main-
tain control of the motorcycle.
The passenger should always
hold onto the operator, the seat
strap or grab bar, if equipped,
with both hands and keep both
feet on the passenger footrests.
Never carry a passenger unless
he or she can firmly place both
feet on the passenger footrests.
Never ride under the influence of
alcohol or other drugs.
This motorcycle is designed for on-
road use only. It is not suitable for
off-road use.
Protective apparel
The majority of fatalities from motor-
cycle accidents are the result of head
injuries. The use of a safety helmet is
the single most critical factor in the pre-
vention or reduction of head injuries.
Always wear an approved helmet.
Wear a face shield or goggles.
Wind in your unprotected eyes
could contribute to an impairment
of vision that could delay seeing a
The use of a jacket, heavy boots,
trousers, gloves, etc., is effective in
preventing or reducing abrasions
or lacerations.
Never wear loose-fitting clothes,
otherwise they could catch on the
control levers, footrests, or wheels
and cause injury or an accident.
Never touch the engine or exhaust
system during or after operation.
They become very hot and can
cause burns. Always wear protec-
tive clothing that covers your legs,
ankles, and feet.
A passenger should also observe
the above precautions.
Modifications made to this motorcycle
not approved by Yamaha, or the re-
moval of original equipment, may ren-
der the motorcycle unsafe for use and
may cause severe personal injury.
Modifications may also make your
motorcycle illegal to use.
Loading and accessories
Adding accessories or cargo to your
motorcycle can adversely affect stabili-
ty and handling if the weight distribution
of the motorcycle is changed. To avoid
the possibility of an accident, use ex-
treme caution when adding cargo or
accessories to your motorcycle. Use
extra care when riding a motorcycle
that has added cargo or accessories.
Here are some general guidelines to
follow if loading cargo or adding acces-
sories to your motorcycle:
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