Keep your Yamaha protected even after your warranty
expires with genuine Yamaha Extended Service (Y.E.S.).
Y.E.S. is designed and administered by Yamaha Motor
Corporation to provide maximum owner satisfaction. You
get uninterrupted factory-backed coverage for extra
peace of mind.
Y.E.S. is flexible. You choose the plan that’s right for
you: 12 months, 24 months, 36 months or, on certain
models, even 48 months beyond your warranty period.
Y.E.S. is designed and administered by the same
Yamaha people who handle your warranty – and it
shows in the comprehensive coverage benefits. There
are no mileage limitations. Coverage isn’t limited to
“moving parts” or the “drive train” like many other plans.
And Y.E.S. covers manufacturing defects just like the
warranty. See the sample contract at your Yamaha
dealer to see how comforting uninterrupted factory-
backed protection can be.
You don’t have to pay anything for covered repairs.
There’s no deductible to pay, and repairs aren’t
“pro-rated.” You don’t have any “out-of-pocket” expenses
for covered repairs.
In addition, Travel and Recreation Interruption Protection
(TRIP) is included at no extra cost. TRIP gives you up to
$150 reimbursement per occurrence for any reasonable
expenses you incur because your Yamaha needs
covered service: replacement vehicle rental, emergency
towing, phone calls, even food and lodging when you are
away from home. This superb coverage goes into effect
when you purchase Y.E.S., so it applies to any warranty
repairs as well as covered repairs during your entire
Y.E.S. plan period.
Y.E.S. coverage is honored at any authorized Yamaha
dealer nationwide.
Y.E.S. coverage is transferable to a new owner if you
sell or trade-in. That can make your Yamaha much more
This excellent Y.E.S. plan coverage is only available to
Yamaha owners like you, and only while your Yamaha is still
within the Yamaha Limited Warranty period. So visit your
authorized Yamaha dealer to get all the facts. He can show
you how easy it is to protect your investment with Yamaha
Extended Service.
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