The total weight of the operator, pas-
senger, accessories and cargo must
not exceed the maximum load limit.
When loading within this weight limit,
keep the following in mind:
Cargo and accessory weight
should be kept as low and close to
the motorcycle as possible. Make
sure to distribute the weight as
evenly as possible on both sides of
the motorcycle to minimize imbal-
ance or instability.
Shifting weights can create a sud-
den imbalance. Make sure that ac-
cessories and cargo are securely
attached to the motorcycle before
riding. Check accessory mounts
and cargo restraints frequently.
Never attach any large or heavy
items to the handlebar, front fork,
or front fender. These items, in-
cluding such cargo as sleeping
bags, duffel bags, or tents, can
create unstable handling or a slow
steering response.
Genuine Yamaha accessories have
been specifically designed for use on
this motorcycle. Since Yamaha cannot
test all other accessories that may be
available, you must personally be re-
sponsible for the proper selection, in-
stallation and use of non-Yamaha
accessories. Use extreme caution
when selecting and installing any ac-
Keep the following guidelines in mind,
as well as those provided under Load-
ing when mounting accessories.
Never install accessories or carry
cargo that would impair the perfor-
mance of your motorcycle. Care-
fully inspect the accessory before
using it to make sure that it does
not in any way reduce ground
clearance or cornering clearance,
limit suspension travel, steering
travel or control operation, or ob-
scure lights or reflectors.
Accessories fitted to the handle-
bar or the front fork area can
create instability due to improper
weight distribution or aerody-
namic changes. If accessories
are added to the handlebar or
front fork area, they must be as
lightweight as possible and
should be kept to a minimum.
Bulky or large accessories may
seriously affect the stability of
the motorcycle due to aerody-
namic effects. Wind may at-
tempt to lift the motorcycle, or
the motorcycle may become un-
stable in cross winds. These ac-
cessories may also cause
instability when passing or being
passed by large vehicles.
Certain accessories can dis-
place the operator from his or
her normal riding position. This
improper position limits the free-
dom of movement of the opera-
Maximum load:
211 kg (465 lb) (CAL)
212 kg (467 lb) (U49)
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