Matte color caution
Some models are equipped with
matte colored finished parts. Be
sure to consult a Yamaha dealer for
advice on what products to use be-
fore cleaning the vehicle. Using a
brush, harsh chemical products or
cleaning compounds when cleaning
these parts will scratch or damage
their surface. Wax also should not
be applied to any matte colored fin-
ished parts.
While the open design of a motorcycle
reveals the attractiveness of the tech-
nology, it also makes it more vulnera-
ble. Rust and corrosion can develop
even if high-quality components are
used. A rusty exhaust pipe may go un-
noticed on a car, however, it detracts
from the overall appearance of a motor-
cycle. Frequent and proper care does
not only comply with the terms of the
warranty, but it will also keep your
motorcycle looking good, extend its life
and optimize its performance.
Before cleaning
1. Cover the muffler outlets with plas-
tic bags after the engine has
cooled down.
2. Make sure that all caps and covers
as well as all electrical couplers
and connectors, including the
spark plug caps, are tightly in-
3. Remove extremely stubborn dirt,
like oil burnt onto the crankcase,
with a degreasing agent and a
brush, but never apply such prod-
ucts onto seals, gaskets and wheel
axles. Always rinse the dirt and de-
greaser off with water.
Avoid using strong acidic wheel
cleaners, especially on spoked
wheels. If such products are
used on hard-to-remove dirt, do
not leave the cleaner on the af-
fected area any longer than in-
structed. Also, thoroughly rinse
the area off with water, immedi-
ately dry it, and then apply a cor-
rosion protection spray.
Improper cleaning can damage
plastic parts such as cowlings,
panels, windshields, headlight
lenses, meter lenses, etc. Use
only a soft, clean cloth or
sponge with mild detergent and
water to clean plastic.
Do not use any harsh chemical
products on plastic parts. Be
sure to avoid using cloths or
sponges which have been in
contact with strong or abrasive
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