3. Perform the following steps to pro-
tect the cylinders, piston rings, etc.
from corrosion.
a. Remove the spark plug caps
and spark plugs.
b. Pour a teaspoonful of engine oil
into each spark plug bore.
c. Install the spark plug caps onto
the spark plugs, and then place
the spark plugs on the cylinder
head so that the electrodes are
grounded. (This will limit spark-
ing during the next step.)
d. Turn the engine over several
times with the starter. (This will
coat the cylinder walls with oil.)
e. Remove the spark plug caps
from the spark plugs, and then
install the spark plugs and the
spark plug caps.
To prevent damage or injury from
sparking, make sure to ground the
spark plug electrodes while turning
the engine over.
4. Lubricate all control cables and the
pivoting points of all levers and
pedals as well as of the side-
5. Check and, if necessary, correct
the tire air pressure, and then lift
the motorcycle so that both of its
wheels are off the ground. Alterna-
tively, turn the wheels a little every
month in order to prevent the tires
from becoming degraded in one
6. Cover the muffler outlets with plas-
tic bags to prevent moisture from
entering them.
7. Remove the battery and fully
charge it. Store it in a cool, dry
place and charge it once a month.
Do not store the battery in an ex-
cessively cold or warm place [less
than 0 °C (30 °F) or more than 30
°C (90 °F)]. For more information
on storing the battery, see page
Make any necessary repairs before
storing the motorcycle.
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