The cable modem comes online when the Online LED stops blinking and lights solid
This process might take up to 10 minutes.
5. Connect a computer to the cable modem.
Use the Ethernet cable that is provided in the package to connect a computer to the
Ethernet port on the cable modem.
6. Activate your Internet service.
For information about how to activate your Internet service, see Before you activate
your Internet service on page 11.
Note: After you install and activate the cable modem, you can disconnect the
computer and connect a router to the cable modem. For more information, see
Connect your cable modem to a router after installation and activation on page 14.
Before you activate your Internet service
Before you activate your Internet service, gather the following information:
Your cable Internet provider account information
Cable modem model number, which is CM1000v2
Cable modem serial number, which is on the cable modem label
Cable modem MAC address, which is on the cable modem label
Figure 6. Example of a cable modem label
The following is contact information for cable Internet providers that support your cable
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High Speed Cable Modem
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