Reset button
Ethernet port
Coaxial cable port
Power On/O button
DC power connector
Figure 3. Rear panel
Viewed from top to bottom, the back panel contains the following components:
Reset button. Pressing the Reset button resets the cable modem. If the Reset button
is pressed for at least seven seconds, the Power LED blinks green and the cable
modem returns to its factory settings.
Ethernet port. For installation and activation, connect a computer to the Ethernet
port. After you install the cable modem and activate your Internet service, you can
disconnect the computer and connect a router to this port.
Coaxial cable port. Connect the cable port to a cable wall outlet.
Power On/Off button. Press the Power On/Off button to provide power to the
cable modem.
DC power connector. Connect the power adapter that came in the product package
to the DC power connector.
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High Speed Cable Modem
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