Controls and Functions
Owner’s Manual
9Power Switch ( )
Turns power to the unit ON or OFF.
Even when the power switch is turned off, electricity is still
flowing to the product at the minimum level. When you are
not using the product for a long time, make sure to unplug
the power cord from the wall AC outlet.
Rapidly turning the unit on and off in succession can cause
it to malfunction. After turning the unit off, wait for about 6
seconds before turning it on again.
0[+48V MASTER] Switch
This is the master switch for the unit’s +48V phantom
power supply.
If the [+48V MASTER] switch is off, no phantom
power will be supplied to the unit’s input connectors
even if the individual input phantom power settings
are ON. In this case, the [+48V] indicators will flash
on channels for which phantom power is turned ON.
A[AES/EBU OUT] Connectors 1/2–7/8
(Rio3224-D2 only)
These XLR-3-32 type balanced connectors deliver
AES/EBU format digital output from the unit’s
corresponding output channels. Each connector
outputs 2-channel digital audio.
B[OUTPUT +4 dBu] Connectors 1–16 {1–8}
These XLR-3-32 type balanced connectors deliver
analog output from the unit’s corresponding output
channels. Nominal output level is +4 dBu.
If you cannot avoid connecting this unit’s balanced output
to an unbalanced device, you should match the ground
polarity of each unit, since differences in the ground
polarity may cause a device to malfunction.
For the cable used to connect an unbalanced device,
connect pin 3 COLD with pin 1 GND.
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