Rear Panel
Owner’s Manual 11
Rear Panel
These are etherCON (RJ45) ports can be connected to
other Dante devices such as a RIVAGE, CL, QL, or TF
series unit using Ethernet cables (CAT5e or better
recommended). If the SETUP menu SECONDARY
PORT parameter is set to DAISY CHAIN in the
display, the signal that is input from one port is
transmitted to the other port. Refer to “Daisy Chain
Network” in the “About Connections” section (see
page 25) for more information on daisy chain
If the SETUP menu SECONDARY PORT parameter
is set to REDUNDANT in the display, the
[PRIMARY] port is for the primary connection and
the [SECONDARY] port is for the secondary
(backup) connection. If the unit is unable to transmit
signals through the [PRIMARY] connector for some
reason (e.g., due to damage or accidental removal of
the cable, or a failed network switch), the
[SECONDARY] connector will automatically take
over the connection. Refer to “About Redundant
Networks” in the “About Connections” section (see
page 25) for more information on redundant
The use of Ethernet cables with Neutrik etherCON CAT5e
compatible RJ45 plugs is recommended. Standard RJ45
plugs can also be used.
Use STP (shielded twisted pair) cable to prevent
electromagnetic interference. Make sure that the metal
parts of the plugs are electrically connected to the STP
cable shield by conductive tape or comparable means.
Connect only Dante-compatible devices or
GbE-compatible devices (including a computer).
D[LINK/ACT] Indicators
These indicators show the communication status of
the [PRIMARY] and [SECONDARY] connectors.
They flash fast if the Ethernet cables are connected
E[1G] Indicators
These indicators light when the Dante network is
functioning as Giga-bit Ethernet.
FDIP switches
These are for expanding the functionality in the
future. At present, no functions are assigned to these
DIP switches.
GAC IN Connector
Connect the supplied AC power cord here. First,
connect the power cord to the device, then insert the
power cord plug into the AC outlet.
The supplied power cord features a special latching
mechanism (V-LOCK) to prevent the power cord
from being accidentally disconnected. Connect the
power cord by inserting the power cord fully until it is
Be sure to turn the power off before connecting or
disconnecting the power cord.
Press the latch button on the
plug to disconnect the power
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