Head Amp Control
Owner’s Manual
Dante Network Settings and
Audio Routing
The audio inputs and outputs of multiple Dante devices can
be freely routed within a Dante network. This means that
you need to make settings that specify the destination to
which each channel’s signal will be sent.
Use Dante Controller to specify the Dante network and
audio routing settings.
Dante Controller can be downloaded from the following
For details on Dante Controller, refer to the Dante
Controller owner’s manual on the same website.
Head Amp Control
The Rio head amplifiers can be remotely controlled from a
host device, such as a compatible Yamaha digital mixing
Control from an Rio2-native
The Rio head amplifiers can be controlled remotely from
an Rio2-native device such as a RIVAGE, CL, QL, or TF
series product.
The connected Rio2-native device displays the model
name and UNIT ID number of the corresponding Rio unit
to be controlled.
If you plan to connect to a Rio2-native device to monitor
and control the head amplifiers, refer to the owner’s
manual for the corresponding device.
Head Amplifier Parameters
That Can be Monitored and
Parameter Description
+48V Turns +48V phantom power ON or
OFF for each channel.
HA GAIN Adjusts gain from –6 dB to 66 dB in
1-dB increments.
HPF Turns the high-pass filter ON or
Adjusts the cutoff frequency of the
high-pass filter (12 dB/Oct.) from
20 Hz to 600 Hz in 60 steps.
(Rio2-native device only)
Displays a level meter for each
input channel.
+48V Master SW
Displays the [+48V MASTER]
switch ON/OFF status of the +48V
phantom power supply.
Gain Compensation
(Rio2-native device only)
Turns the Gain Compensation ON
or OFF.
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