Elevation Control Key
P/N 7010-0911 6-1
Main Screen
The 3DMC Main Screen has the following
components: Main Window (the display varies,
according to the selected file and display options),
Toolbar (icons for frequently used functions) and pop-
up menus for various functions (depends upon the type
of file open and the information selected).
Elevation Control Key
The Elevation Control key displays cut/fill readings
and the cut/fill offsets for the elevation of the blade.
The key also indicates the status of the connected
sensor with graphics, informational messages, and
colors. The information that displays will be different,
depending on the control application.
Upper number – in 3D control, displays the current
the Cut/Fill Offset, and can be changed at any time.
If the machine is incapable of cutting to the Design
Elevation, the operator dials an offset into 3DMC,
raising or lowering the Design Surface for a more
manageable cut or fill.
Lower number – in 3D control, displays the current
Cut/Fill Reading, or distance from finish grade.
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