Main Screen Options
3DMC Reference Guide
The number continuously updates according to the
elevation difference between the cutting edge and
the Design Surface.
Single number – in 2D control, displays the current
elevation setting, and can be changed at any time.
Elevation Control Key color – the background
color of the elevation control key indicates sensor
Green – indicates sensor status suitable for grading.
Red – indicates an error status and Automatic
Control will be disabled.
Orange – in GPS/mmGPS applications, indicates
low GPS precisians.
Icon color – for mmGPS applications, the icon
color will be BLUE when the system is receiving a
mmGPS signal, and GRAY when a mmGPS signal
is unavailable.
Icon status – a crossed out icon indicates the
corresponding sensor/receiver is not available. A
flashing radio icon indicates the radio link is
between three and ten seconds old (weak signal).
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