3DMC Reference Guide
LD-40 Light Bar Support
To access the LD-40 light bar settings:
1. Press Topcon LogoControlMachine setup.
The Machine files setup dialog box displays.
Cycle through the menu options (press Next) until
the LD-40 Setup dialog box displays.
2. Enter or select the following parameters on the
LD-40 Setup dialog box.
ID – select an ID number to identify the LD-40
being setup.
Identify – press identify to illuminate the light
bar selected.
Search – press to force a search for all LD-40
connections. The serial numbers display in the
ID field.
Centered – check mark this box to determine
where on-grade will be represented on the LD-
Location – from the drop-down box in this field,
select where the LD-40 is located in relationship
to the GX-60 control box, either Left edge, Right
edge, Cut/Fill, Slope, or Steer Indication,
depending on what machine configuration
Inverted – check mark this box if the LD-40 is
physically inverted when installed.
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