What’s New with 3DMC
3DMC Reference Guide
DDisplay changes in mmGPS – the elevation button
for mmGPS will now turn BLUE when mmGPS is
being used. Also, the PZS-MC icon will display the
channel number of the PZL-1 being used.
DAdvanced simulation playback – you can now start
recording in “simulation mode”, move the machine
around with keyboard arrow cursors or joysticks,
and play it back later in a continuos loop. All
movements, including blade rotation, boom/stick/
bucket rotations can be simulated via keyboard
keys and joystick.
DExcavator tilt bucket – the excavator can now be set
up to run a tilting bucket without having a sensor
on the dog-bone or hitch. Just set the bucket/hitch
sensor to “?” allowing the stick sensor to be
connected directly to the tilt-bucket sensor.
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