3DMC Reference Guide
This section describes the procedures necessary to run
3DMC software in 2D mode for an excavator using
TS-1 sensors with a LS-B10W laser receiver.
The tilt sensors measure the pitch angle of various
machine elements. Each sensor accurately measures a
gravity referenced angle of the body, boom, stick and
bucket, sending this angle data to the GX-60 to
provide precise grade. Each sensor is configured and
calibrated for its specific location on the excavator.
The LS-B10W Laser Receiver adds a laser height
reference to the X62 system. The LS-B10W is
calibrated for its location on the stick of the excavator.
NOT E: Refer to the X62 Installation and Calibration
Manual for more information on installing and
calibrating the X62 system.
The center point of rotation of the cab is used as a
reference point in X62. All calculations are made
from this center point and end at the bucket teeth.
NOT E: During operation, the system does not take
machine rotation into account. Avoid rotation of the
machine for accurate work.
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