3DMC Reference Guide
Base Station
This section lists possible Base Station problems you
may encounter (also refer to the Base Station’s
documentation) for 3D Machine Control. If you still
have problems after trying the solutions listed here,
contact TPS customer support.
Receiver does not power on.
Causes Solutions
The PWR button
was pressed too
Make sure you hold the PWR
button down for at least one
second. A quick press will not
activate the receiver.
The power cable
is incorrectly
connected or
Check that the power cable is
correctly connected to the
battery—RED to positive and
BLACK to negative—and that the
battery is charged.
Check that the RED dots on the
power cable connector and the
socket on the receiver are aligned,
and the cable is pushed in as far as
it can go.
If the power cable is damaged,
contact your dealer to replace it.
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