GX-60 Display
P/N 7010-0911 A-11
Elevation Control key displays:
“Waiting for Initialization”
Causes Solutions
The GPS+
receiver has not
been successful
tracking enough
valid satellites.
Check that the Rover Antenna has
a clear view of the sky.
Check for obstructions, such as
trees, buildings, and vehicles, that
can block or reflect satellite
The system is still
in the process of
determining a
solid position.
If this is the very first time
operation, this message may
persist for several minutes while
the receiver obtains a new
Elevation Control key displays:
“Out of design area”
Causes Solutions
The machine is
out of the Design
Surface area.
Make sure that the correct Project
file is selected and Surface file is
made active.
Move into the Design Surface
area so the operator can begin
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