MC-R3 Controller/Receiver
P/N 7010-0911 A-17
Causes Solutions
The Base Station
and/or Base
Station radio has a
Check that the Base Station is
running correctly and the TX
light on the radio modem flashes
Different channels
are used between
the Base Station
and the machine.
Check that the Base Station and
Machine use the same radio
For the Base Station, use the
button on the radio modem or
use the “GPS Radio
Configuration” program with
the Pocket-3D connected. For
the machine, use the Control
Box function.
The antenna at the
Rover or Base may
be too low,
incorrectly placed,
or too far away.
If the green LED flashes when
near the Base Station, but not
when farther away, check that the
Machine Radio Antenna mast is
mounted vertically at the highest
point on the machine.
If the machine gets too far from
the Base Station, elevate the
radio antenna at the Base Station
or move it to a closer Control
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