3DMC Reference Guide
A typographical
error occurred.
If errors are 10s or 100s of feet or
meters, it is likely that a
typographical error has occurred.
If coordinates are manually
entered, check that longitudes are
correctly prefixed with a minus
sign if working in the western
hemisphere (e.g., USA).
Re-enter the coordinates.
The range-pole
was unsteady.
If the errors are decimeter level in
magnitude, it may point to either
inaccurately measured local site
coordinates or not holding the
range-pole vertical when
measuring the GPS coordinates.
Inaccurate local
site coordinates or
erroneous GPS
If error values of the first few
points are reasonable but increase
when a new point is measured, the
point just measured must have
either inaccurate local site
coordinates or erroneous GPS
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