Safety Information
3DMC Reference Guide
5. Use Ty-wraps, supplied with 3D Machine Control,
to keep hoses and wires secured and away from
possible wear or pinch points.
6. Use eye protection whenever welding, cutting, or
grinding is being done on the machine.
7. Protect yourself at all times, and wear protective
clothing, when working on or near hydraulic lines.
Hydraulic lines can be under extreme pressure,
even when the machine is turned off.
Warning: Relieve all pressure in the hydraulic lines
before disconnecting or removing any lines,
fittings or related components. If injury does
occur, seek medical assistance immediately.
Caution: Avoid direct exposure to your eyes when
using laser control. DO NOT stare into the laser
beam or view the beam directly with optical
8. Use appropriate welding precautions and practices
when welding. After welding, all paint all affected
areas with a rust inhibitor
9. To prevent vandalism or theft, do not leave
removable Topcon components on the machine at
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