Radio Usage Information
P/N 7010-0911 B-3
night. Remove the components each evening and
store appropriately in the Carrying Case.
10.Keep the Carrying Case dry at all times.If moisture
does gent inside of the Carrying Case, leave it open
and allow it to thoroughly dry before storing any
Radio Usage Information
Depending on the type of radio, users may need to
obtain an FCC (Federal Communications
Commission) license before operating a Topcon
system (GPS RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) or
simultaneous calculation of Global Positioning System
and Global Navigation Satellite System). Check the
sites listed below to determine if a license is needed
before operating a Topcon system.
The Federal Communications Commission is at:
The rules are at:
There have been many problems in the past with RTK
base radio modems interfering with voice users. The
issue finally culminated with the FCC refusing to grant
licenses until something was done to ensure that
surveyors did not interfere with voice users. The
solution was to stop using frequencies in the 469MHz
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