FC-2600 Operator’s Manual
Manual Conventions
This manual describes the standard features and operation of the
FC-2600. Unless otherwise stated, the operational characteristics
described herein correspond to factory default configurations and
settings as shipped from Topcon Positioning Systems. Wherever used
herein, the term FC-2600 applies to all FC-2600 models (except as
It is beyond the scope of this manual to provide operating system
tutorials or information about commercial or customized FC-2600
application programs and connected equipment. This information
should be available in the manuals that accompany those products.
This manual uses the following conventions:
Example Description
FileExit Click the File menu, and click Exit.
Connection Indicates the name of a dialog box or screen.
Frequency Indicates a field on a dialog box or screen, or a tab
within a dialog box or screen.
Enter Press or click the button or key labeled Enter.
Further information to note about the configuration,
maintenance, or setup of a system.
Supplementary information that can help you
configure, maintain, or set up a system.
Supplementary information that can have an affect
on system operation, system performance,
measurements, or personal safety.
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