General Features of the FC-2600
P/N 1000504-01 1-3
Illuminators and Lasers The FC-2600 comes with four LED
illuminators that enable you to take pictures in low-light conditions.
A pair of 635 nm red visible lasers enable you to position objects and
align the FC-2600.
Display The FC-2600 features an amorphous silicon matrix AD-TFT
color display. It is outdoors-readable with a diagonal screen size of
3.52” (8.9cm). The active area of the display is 71.52mm H x
53.64mm V. The pixel format is 320H x 240V (1 pixel = R+B+G
dots. The touchscreen system is 4-wire resistive technology.
Keypad The FC-2600 has 55 keys plus an 8+1 directional pad. The
keyboard is contstructed of sheer-proof solid hard keys.
Indicators The FC-2600 has five LED indicators that provide a
number of useful functions, including the state of keypad modifier
keys. An additional LED indicates the charge and low battery status
and WLAN (wireless connection) and Bluetooth power status.
Sound The FC-2600 has an integrated speaker and microphone.
Rechargeable Battery Pack The FC-2600 comes with two
rechargeable Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery packs that provide up to 40
hours of operating time on a full charge, depending on power
management and use. Each battery is a 2500mAH@7.4V, integrated
“Gas Gauge” System; field replaceable. When connected to an
external power source, the Internal Charging System is used.
The Lithium-Ion technology used in the FC-2600 has exceptional
charge life without the “charge memory.” This means partially
discharged batteries or batteries connected to the charger for extended
periods will not adversely affect battery life or performance.
Configuration Options The FC-2600 comes standard with one
RS-232 DE-9 serial port, one RS-1 radio port, and one USB mini A/B
connector. The FC-2600 also includes USB (1.1), Wireless LAN
(802.11/gb) and Bluetooth (1.2/Class II) (see Figure 1-2 on page 1-4
for connector specifications.
Durability The FC-2600 case is shock-tested per MIL-STD-810F
Method 516.5, Procedure IV.
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