General Features of the FC-2600
P/N 1000504-01 1-5
Illuminators, Camera, and Lasers for the
The FC-2600 comes with two LED illuminators that you can use to
take pictures in low light conditions. In addition, The FC-2600 uses a
pair of 635nm red visible lasers that allows you to position objects
and align the FC-2600 as needed (Figure 1-3).
Figure 1-3. Illuminators, Camera, and Lasers
Table 1-3 describes the illuminators, camera, and lasers located on the
back of the FC-2600.
2 Battery LED Red lights for a low battery or Green
lights for a charging battery
Table 1-3. Camera, Illuminators, and Lasers
Item Component Description
1 Illuminators Two illuminators that take pictures in low-
light conditions
2 Camera Five megapixel (4 megapixel processed)
3 Lasers Two 635 nm red visible lasers that position
objects and align the FC-2600
Table 1-2. Front Panel Components
Item Component Description
Illuminators Camera Lasers
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