FC-2600 Operator’s Manual
Configuration Options for the
The FC-2600 comes standard with one RS-232 DE-9 serial port and
one USB mini A/B connector. Also included is USB (1.1), Wireless
LAN (802.11b) and Bluetooth (1.2) capability (Figure 1-4). See
“Specifications” on page A-1 for connector specifications.
Figure 1-4. Bottom Components of the FC-2600
Table 1-4 describes the bottom components for the FC-2600.
Accessories for the FC-2600
The FC-2600 package includes standard communication and power
cables and accessories for configuring the FC-2600 hand-held
computer and for providing a power source. Depending on the
package purchased, additional accessories may also be included.
Table 1-5 on page 1-7 lists the cables included with the FC-2600.
Table 1-4. Bottom Components
Item Component Description
1 DE-9 RS232 Male
Interface Port
Emulates standard serial pin-out connectors
to connect the FC-2600 to most desktop
PCs using a standard null modem cable
2 USB mini A/B Port
(v 1.1 compatible)
Connects to other USB devices as either
host or client
USB Mini
Connector DE-9 Connectors
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