General Features of the FC-2600
P/N 1000504-01 1-7
Table 1-5. FC-2600 Cables Package
Cable Description Cable Illustration
TAD AC cable
The AC cable to use with the
charger cable.
U.S. – p/n 60737
Charger cable
Connects to the FVC-2500 and
supplies 12V 3A power to recharge
the internal batteries.
U.S. p/n 60736
USB Download cable
Used to connect to the PC when
downloading files.
U.S. – p/n 60630
USB Flash cable
Used with the USB Memory Stick
to offload files.
U.S. – p/n 60621
Use of other power supplies, unless approved by
Topcon Positioning Systems, may cause damage to
the unit and void the warranty.
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