Operating the FC-2600
FC-2600 Operator’s Manual
Front Panel Components
For information on front panel components, see “Front Panel
Components/Indicators for the FC-2600” on page 1-4 for further
On/Off Button Operations
The On/Off button is located at the bottom-left of the front
panel and functions depending upon the state of the hand-held
computer when the button is pressed and considering the length of
time it is pressed. The following is a list of On/Off button operations:
Cold Boot
• Suspend
Performing a Cold Boot for the
To cold boot the FC-2600, press and hold the On/Off button for about
10 seconds. This action also terminates running applications and
stops serial port operations.
Placing the FC-2600 in Suspend Mode
To place the FC-2600 in Suspend mode, press and release the On/Off
button. Suspend mode allows you to suspend, but not terminate active
applications. In this mode, the display turns off and the FC-2600 stops
serial port operations. For battery-powered units, Suspend mode also
conserves battery power.
To take the FC-2600 out of Suspend mode, press and release the On/
Off button again. The display turns on and the device begins running
any suspended application, but you must restart any serial port
operations. If you attempt to use the FC-2600 before it has completely
resumed operations or use it while it is entering Suspend mode, then
the device will delay three seconds before resuming or suspending.
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